努力工作. 全力以赴!. 做出改变.


作为意图的一员 & 助理团队,你们不仅仅是一个数字计算者. You genuinely make a difference in the lives of the clients we serve every day. 你是否对会计充满热情, 保证, and taxes; or you are looking to provide consulting expertise in the areas of cybersecurity, HR, or valuations; we’ve got your career trajectory covered.

在意图,人们先来, and we are passionate about providing your people the tools needed to identify and 发展你的关键优势 as you embark on the journey of a lifetime in the professional services industry. 你准备好在雷亚追求有意义的事业了吗 & royal登录?

我们正在寻找有才能的人, 雄心勃勃的, enthusiastic professionals to join our rapidly growing team of professionals in a variety of capacities – and each team member has an important role to play. Click on the buttons below to explore the career opportunities currently available at 意图 & 同事一


ERC Guidance | Employee Retention Credit For Businesses } Ohio CPA 公司

“Invest in your family, your community, and your future.”


在整个七叶树州都有办事处, we are always looking for ways to bring our teams together, whether it’s for a little fun after work or all-day community service events. 是的,我们在意图努力工作 & royal登录, but we also have a lot of fun and form some phenomenal friendships along the way.


健康,健康, & 工作与生活的平衡

当然, one of the biggest considerations likely weighing on your mind pertains to the benefits and compensation packages we provide our team members. 在准备报价的时候, we do our best to provide you with the best benefits possible and compensation that reflects your unique skill set and experience.

意图团队享有广泛的员工福利. 从一个全面的401(k)计划与公司匹配, 令人印象深刻的医疗, 牙科, 和视力保险选项, 和慷慨的美国专利商标局. +, we are always encouraging team members to get involved and give back in numerous ways – which promotes a greater sense of career satisfaction.

We are also proud to provide some really great firm-wide policies, 例如“为你的一天穿衣,和“在任何地方工作。.“和我们的一个成员谈谈 人力资源团队 today to learn how these policies help make 意图 a great place to work.


  • You’ll receive a competitive compensation package that will be reviewed annually.
  • Generous CPA exam bonus program and tuition reimbursement opportunities
  • 优秀奖金,为超越和超越
  • 技术卓越奖
  • 新业务奖励计划
  • 401(k) profit-sharing plan with 3 percent employer safe harbor contribution


  • 充裕的带薪假期
  • 带薪假期
  • 带薪产假
  • 短期和长期残疾
  • 丧亲之痛
  • 家庭休假

健康 & 健康

  • Comprehensive medical, 牙科, and vision insurance plans
  • 灵活的支出和健康储蓄账户
  • Voluntary insurance options, including accident, critical illness, term life/AD&D
  • 访问Everside 健康, a no deductible healthcare option that includes access to free primary care, 检查和免疫, 紧急护理, 仿制药, 和更多的.
  • Access to Teladoc as part of the 意图 medical benefits plan
  • Employee Assistance Program to promote a healthy work-life balance

额外的政策 & 意图员工福利

  • A “Dress For Your Day” policy allows you to maintain a polished appearance while remaining comfortable in your clothes.
  • “Work From Anywhere” policy to promote a positive work/life balance
  • 里程报销政策
  • Recruitment referral reward program for helping identify additional top talent
  • Rewards for helping conduct research in our markets, regarding programs, and among our clients
  • Verizon的员工折扣

请注意:意图 & royal登录 is committed to helping employees achieve their best health status. Our firm promotes and encourages a tobacco-free environment.

注意: Specific qualifications must be met to be eligible for certain policies and benefits at 意图 & royal登录. The above outline provides a general overview of what policies and benefits are available to our 意图 team members if all qualifications are met. 意图政策和福利可能会发生变化.

专业的优秀 & 职业发展的空间


Here at 意图, we never stop learning and we enjoy the journey … it says so 在这里, in 意图的方式, a collection of value statements that serve as a guide throughout our firm. 是的, 我们继续被公认为100强会计师事务所, but we believe in our ability to drive holistic growth – which goes far beyond the traditional “CPA firm” services.

We want each and every employee to pursue their passion because, 如果你对自己的工作充满激情, you are going to strive for professional excellence every single day. To help you uncover your passions and hone your skills, 意图 is committed to providing you with the resources to help take your career to new heights. From CPA assistance and CPE to firm-wide retreats and opportunities to gain soft skills and enrich your technical prowess. 意图 & royal登录 is here to help you achieve your career goals.

你还在等什么? Click on the button below to start your career journey with 意图 & royal登录.


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